1. Choose a bookmaker!
First of all you need to choose one or more realible bookmakers. To use all possibilities of online sports betting, our recommendation is to choose couple of bookmakers for opening accounts with. Then you will be able to always bet at largest possible odds and at all possible events.

2. Open the account
Before you can place a bet with a bookmaker, you have to open a betting account. On the bookmaker site you should easily find link REGISTER or OPEN ACCOUNT. After clicking on it, you should provide some personal details and when registration is complete you will get your username and password combination. Bookmakers often gives you a possibility to choose this combination. Write down your username/password combination and keep that paper with you or somewhere where only you will have access to it.

3. Deposit
To place a bet you have to have some money on your account, so next step would be to deposit the money. All relevant bookmakers offer wide range of possibilities for deposit. You should be able to do it by your credit card, by check an by bank wire. Some bookmakers also accepts eWallets as deposit options. Credit card deposit is the fastest way to do this, as your money will be transferred in couple of seconds, and you will be able to place a bet. Check and Bank wire option are much slower, so you will have to wait for a couple of days to place your first bet. It is important to check for bonus after your deposit. Almost all bookmakers have some kind of bonus offer or promotional offer after your first deposit. Also, remember that someone will have to pay some fees on transferring the money. Some bookmakers do this by themselves, but some don't.

4. Place your bets
Finally when your account is full of money you will be able to place your bets. After choosing your bookmaker, which is the process in which you should spend some time to avoid possible problems, 2 other steps should be done in a couple of minutes. Every bookmaker website is different, but you will easily understand how to place a bet at chosen bookmaker. What can be tricky is different odds types at different bookmakers. That is why you should take care of this when you choose bookmaker. One you choose should offer odds in format that you are familiar with. Also, be carefull while you place your first bets, cause at some bookmakers instead entering how much you want to bet, you should enter how much you want to win. That can lead to problems. So read the rules of your bookmaker.

5. Customer service
Whenever you have some problem at bookmaker site, or if you have some problems with bets, or just if you do not understand something about anything in connection with your bookmaker, don't hesitate to write an e-mail to the customer service, call or chat. Customer service is there for you, so let them do their job, and avoid problems that could come from some minor misunderstandings.

6. Withdraw money from betting account
If you have some luck (or knowledge) after some time you will want to withdraw some money from your account. How? The most common options for withdrawals are, as with deposits, credit card, bank check and bank transfer. Some bookmakers also work with eWallets. In choosing bookmaker process you should check withdrawal fees at your bookmaker. Don't open account with bookmakers that have large fees when you are making withdrawal. Fees varies from one to another online bookmaker, but should not be bigger then 1% of withdrawal amount. Bank wire transfer should finish in 2-3 days, while check come after more then a week (depending on your location). If you are living in some exotic country, like Eastern europe or Asia, it is possible to wait for your check for weeks. Best solution for withdrawal is certainly bank wire transfer.